My name is Ohoud Almazyad. I am a self-taught / freelance artist based in Riyadh, SA.
My passion for drawing lies in watercolour illustration. I love to capture the beauty of nature, cities, food, and creatures on paper.
I enjoy the process of painting, and love how it feels when I see the result.
I have always enjoyed creating pictures in general, so when I’m not drawing, I’m usually photographing or spending much time on editing photos or videos.

I have an endless itch to travel, to feel alive in a vibrant city,  to soak up the glorious architecture, to sit on a beach closing my eyes, breathing the air, listening to the sounds of waves crashing on the shore, to enjoy the flat landscapes and limitless views in all directions in a countryside, to stay a couple of days in a beautiful hotel room with a perfect view on a lake, to walk hours and hours and explore places and make priceless memories through all of those sights, sounds, tastes, and smells.

I appreciate details, delightful simplicity and beautiful moments.
I’m interested in books, music, movies, and tennis.

I’m lucky enough to have this enthusiasm ..